What is the Hospital of Hope?

The Hospital of Hope is led by followers of Jesus who desire to show His love and care for those living in West Africa.  The Hospital staff work hard to deliver quality healthcare in the name of Christ.  We are located in the northern region of Togo in the city of Mango.  The Hospital of Hope has been open since March 2, 2015.  It is a full service hospital offering obstetrical, gynecologic, medical, pediatric, general and orthopedic surgical services. In addition it has a full outpatient clinic, pharmacy, laboratory, radiology and ultrasound.

Our Mission

ABWE began ministering in Togo in the 1970s  After several years of ministry in the southern regions of Togo a team of doctors was burdened to reach into the northern region where the needs are great both physically and spiritually.  The team in southern Togo voted unanimously to begin the Northern Outreach Project, which includes the ministry of the Hospital of Hope.

Life in Mango

Where to Find Us

Hôpital de l’Espérance BP 10, Mango, Togo